Viral Marketing Through Document Sharing

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It’s not new. In fact, it is one of the oldest forms of viral marketing. Put together an ebook and encourage as many people as possible to download and share it. These days, that has become the problem with viral marketing through ebooks. People are reluctant, too busy, too lazy, or whatever, to actually download an ebook, let alone share it with others. There is an alternative.

Joanna Batten on SearchEngineJournal has written about a document sharing site called Scribd. If you haven’t heard about it then I suggest you pay a visit. Scribd is to document sharing as YouTube is to video sharing. You can upload documents in PDF format and make them available for sharing. Why upload documents to Scribd instead of giving them away on your site? Joanna makes the point:

Document sharing is a great way to promote brand awareness, bringing eye balls to your content; marketing collateral and increase link building.

With Scribd now offering social interaction, you can build relationships with others. You can also have information of your uploads sent directly to your Twitter account and Tweeted to all your followers.

As you can imagine, if your document is worthy it could go viral fairly quickly. Just as importantly, users don’t have to download any documents as such and can share them with retweets or direct links. If you think about it, users visit YouTube because they are looking for videos. Users visit Scribd because they are looking for information in the form of documents. In fact, they will be on Scribd because they want to look at what is on offer.

Document sharing could be an alternative way to get a viral marketing campaign started. You just need the right documents.

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