Staffing Healthcare Workers Following Expansion

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One challenge an organization faces when it expands is maintaining the organizational culture and service quality of the original organization. In order to help control the quality of staff and services delivered, it is important to hire additional employees that have the same personal goals of customer service and excellence that the parent organization has. “Health professional shortages will force healthcare managers to work even harder at building a qualified and service-loving pool of candidates” (Fottler, Ford & Heaton, 2010, pg. 134). As this quotation illustrates, hiring additional workers that are focused on serving people is essential to maintaining high quality and patient satisfaction. Customer service skills include proficiency in communication and dealing with people (BLS, 2009). However, customer service is not the only component of a quality employee.

Healthcare employees must be competent in their role, whether that role involves direct patient contact or not. All necessary certifications and regulations must be met, and the necessary education must be obtained in order to be competent (BLS, 2009). Also, healthcare workers have an obligation to perform at higher levels due to the nature of their work; they must have the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform their duties in difficult and stressful situations. Services must be provided in a professional manner, and must show good decision making skills and prioritizing (Fottler, et al., 2010). In healthcare workers, a combination of customer-service skills and technical/clinical skills are necessary.

Healthcare and other service organizations are related, and, while the technical competencies are different, the social and personal commitment to excellence is the same in the industries (Fottler, et al., 2010). These are essential components of staff quality because the staff’s competency directly affects the success of the organization.

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