Funny chat after this hand. The slot online dude jammed and I took my time calling with 2 people to act behind. I wanted to try to get some additional action. I get accused of a slow roll, but it’s pretty funny…

1BigAceHole said, “no need to slowroll”

lucko21 said, “not a slow roll with people behind”

lucko21 said, “i want the overcall”

flip74 [observer] said, “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOm”

lucko21 said, “not meant in a bad way”

Keano7 said, “wot took so long 2 call?”

lucko21 said, “want another caller behind”

1BigAceHole said, “he wanted them to think he was pondering a call when all he was really thinking about was the world seriies of poker in the ****ing rio”

lucko21 said, “lol”

After that, I reshoved mid pairs and got folds both times and picked up about $200k in chips. I was getting closer to getting the chip lead back. The guy to my right (Keano) was getting frustrated with me. I gave him some rope and he hung himself.

DonkyWrenn had been reshoving me a decent amount. I had some chips and made a little bit of a loose call with my deuces to bust him and get it heads-up with 1BigAceHole…

I had over 70% of the chips, so he was looking at an uphill climb. He still had over 20 big blinds, so I wasn’t expecting a quick heads-up match. The second hand though, we got it all in. I hated the flop but loved the turn…

It wasn’t as dramatic as the 100r final hand from December, but it still felt very nice. Getting a win is always nice. Getting it after a tough couple weeks makes it even sweeter. Not a big win, but a win is a win….

I am doing some guest blogging over at Sprstoner’s blog. He is playing in the WSOP Event 10 $2,000 NL tourney. I will put the updates up here as well.

3rd Break: Ugly hand right before break. 200-400, 50 ante. Button limps (gay), SB completes, stoner checks his option in the big blind with 8c2c. Flop comes 8-7-3r. SB leads for 1200, stoner makes it to 3700 to go, button folds and the SB calls. Turn is blank and goes check-check. River is a 9 and it goes check-check. SB shows T-9 and scoops the 9500 chip pot. He is hanging in there though with 7,575. Blinds are going up to 300-600, with a 75 ante so he is going to be gambling soon. I think there is about 450-500 left with the top 153 getting paid.

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