Scotland SEO – Triple Your Local Search Exposure With PPC

Scotland SEO – Triple Your Local Search Exposure With PPC post thumbnail image

Where a user types in a search phrase, they are presented with a range of options to choose from. Why should they click on your listing instead of someone else’s? It comes down to trust sometimes and the best way to earn that trust instantly is by having multiple exposures within those Scotland local search results. How do you increase your exposure?


Let’s look at a typical results screen for a product search. You will almost always have a local maps windows with local businesses listed. You will also have organic search results, images and perhaps even videos. Add to that the sponsored results (Adwords PPC) and you have at least five opportunities to gain a listing. Images and videos won’t have an immediate impact. The other three will. How do you get that triple hit?

Claiming your business and optimizing it for Google Local will help to increase your chances of appearing in the Google Maps window. Effective SEO will, hopefully, see you listed high on the page in organic search. Add to that a strong well-ranked PPC program and it, too, should appear on that results page.

You may wonder you would bother to add PPC if you are already appearing in both the local and organic search results. The human brain is a strange creature. The sub-conscious will often register all three listings as the reader quickly scans the results. The conscious part of the brain may only register one appearance. Because the subconscious had registered all three appearances, that one appearance registered by the conscious part of the brain will stand out. It will almost tweak an ‘I remember that site’ type result and the click.

Research is already showing that the more exposure you get on a page, especially when it isn’t an in-your-face type banner, the more likely the user is to click through to your site.

It’s a straight forward Scotland SEO tactic that can often double your click-through rate in search results. If you also have images and videos appearing on the one page – bonus – a five way hit.

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