Professional toto sgp Poker Player Secrets

Poker Plex: When and how did you start playing Poker?

I have been playing poker for more than 20 years and began playing online back in 1999. This was the year I began playing Texas toto sgp.

Poker Plex: What is your favorite Poker game and why?

My favorite game is Fixed Limit Hold’em. The reason for this is I know that a lot of people play any two holecards and I can see that I profit from this every month.

Poker Plex: How many hands do you play on average per month?

I play more than 30,000+ hands a month. Of course, this is only possible because I play more than one table at a time. It has taken me a long time to be able to play well at more than one table. I usually start with one table, get a feeling for that game and when I feel confident about that game I will put up a second.

Poker Plex: Do you consider yourself a professional Poker player?

Yes, I am currently a professional player. I quit my math teaching job recently because I was confident that I could make my living out of poker.

Poker Plex: What is your advice to new Poker players?

Best advice, buy Matthew Hillgers poker book Internet Texas Holdem and after reading this then you can begin playing 1-2$ on pokerplex.

Poker Plex: How much money do you win in an average month?

That is confidential, but I do make a decent living out of it.

Poker Plex: What was the biggest pot you have ever won?

I won my biggest pot in a ram and jam game online on a 100-200 pound table. I called a raised pot with Ad9s on the button with 6 people in. Flop came down 972d. All the players went crazy and luckily I hit the nut flush on the river in a 5897 pound pot.

Poker Plex: Have you participated in any tournaments or do you prefer ring games?

I have participated in lots of tournaments, however, I do prefer ring games. My stats show that it is there that I make the most money. Tournament play can be fun because you get a lot of playing time for a few dollars, but if you go for the bigger events, often, you better make sure you have an adequate bankroll.

Poker Plex: Tell us your most exciting moment in your Poker playing career.

It was definitely in a WPT event where I had a very huge stack when we were only 50 people left. The #1 prize was 1 million dollars and I had a good shot at it. Unfortunately, I missed.

Poker Plex: In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between Brick & Mortar Poker and online Poker?

Online you should play a more straight forward game because there will be a lot of new players coming in and out of the tables. You really don’t have to mix up your game that much, because there will only be a few players noticing your style. I also like not having to tip the dealer, it saves me money. Another thing is that you play more than double the hands online as in Brick & Mortar, which increases your income potential substantially.

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