Is Your Online Advertising Worth Sharing?

Is Your Online Advertising Worth Sharing? post thumbnail image

Online advertising – could it be considered art? There is an interesting philosophy on WebProNews that discusses the inclusion of social media chiclets with your ads. Is it worth the trouble?

It is an interesting approach and I am not sure I would like to see every ad having these chiclets attached – I see enough of them each day as it is. However, if your online advertising is clever, funny or innovative then perhaps visitors would be happy sharing them with their friends – it brings a new meaning to the term ‘viral advertising’.

Of course, the whole concept would depend on what approach many of the social sites took. It is possible they would ban the ads, and perhaps the website or blog where they came from. It would be interesting to see the TOS for many of these sites to see if ads could be bookmarked.

We are entering a interesting stage in the development of social media and the uses that marketing gurus can make of it. It will be a intense battle between these clever marketers and those that run social media. Commercial videos go viral through outlets such as YouTube so it won’t be long and flash banner ads amongst others could join them.

The ‘Whopper Sacrifice a Friend’ campaign and banner is one case where the site, in this case Facebook, stepped in and closed it down before it could go viral. Imagine the Whopper ad with a series of social chiclets attached? It could have gone viral before Facebook had the chance to step in and can it. It is an interesting concept for online advertising and one worth watching into the future.

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