Barber Dimes Are A Collector Favorite hypixel skyblock coins

Barber dimes are a favorite hypixel skyblock coins with both beginner and advanced collectors as it is fairly easy for them to collect the set except for one rare coin, the 1894-S.  Beginners usually collect Good to Very Good grades, and experienced collectors show interest in mint state and proof examples. Because the series spans the 19th and 20th centuries, type collectors often show interest as well.

Over 500 million pieces were struck over a period of twenty five years beginning in January, 1892. The design for this coin was drawn by the Mint’s Chief Engraver, Charles Barber. He used the existing Morgan dollar as a base, modifying it by including a Liberty cap and shortening the hair in the back. He placed his initial “B” on the neck. Barber’s major accomplishment with his design was a coin that could be produced with one blow on the new high speed coin presses.

There is a 1893/2 overdate that is considered somewhat of an oddity, but the main rarity in this series is the 1894-S dime.  The story is that there were 24 pieces struck, but the location of only ten is known today.  This mystery has resulted in many interesting theories about the location of the missing coins. One story has the San Francisco Mint Superintendent, J. Daggert, giving three of the coins to his daughter with instructions that she keep them. Apparently she spent one of the dimes on the way home for some ice cream, so that coin is referred to as the “ice cream specimen”. The daughter sold the remaining two coins in the 1950s for a considerable profit. With their history and unique 19th century design, the Barber dimes have continued to hold collector interest over the years.

Liberty Nickels and Their Value

The Liberty nickel is a five cents American coin. From the years 1883 to 1912, the U.S. Mint made this coin. The head of Lady Liberty is on one side. And on the reverse side it has a roman numeral “V” for the number five. Often, the Liberty nickel is mentioned as the V nickel. In early nineteen thirties, the Buffalo nickel was substituted as the new design for the denomination.

The $5 Nickel

There was no “cents” engraved on the coins when the series first appeared. This absent word made it likely for unethical individuals to defraud others. The Liberty nickel looked like the five dollar gold coin. People took advantage of this error until the mint inscribed the word “cents” on the new 5 cent piece. For a time the old version “without cents” was hoarded as it was believed the coins might be recalled. This never happened and the higher mintage “with cents” is now more valuable.

The 1913 Liberty Nickel

In 1883 and 1913, the mint produced a large number of Liberty Nickels. By releasing them into circulation, it caused the vast majority of them to have little numismatic value. Coin collectors are most interested in the five 1913-dated pieces that were surreptitiously minted and released under unusual circumstances. These are considered trophy coins and sell for millions of dollars.

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